Hungary-based MagNet Community Bank held an interactive session at Connection Conference explaining how different sustainable banks operate and cooperate worldwide.

Along with other owners, executives and employees in the ethical banking sector, MagNet representatives tackled topics related to value-based banking and ways to deal with the dilemma of economics and the greater good.

Instructing youngsters about sustainable ways of interacting with money was very important for the organizers. The idea behind the project was to provide enough information and knowledge about how banks are working, so the youth can choose the best option in their own countries.

Connect Conference is an international youth conference held in Belgium for students who are about to finish high school.

The Conference aims to raise awareness of the challenges as well as the possibilities that today’s society holds for young individuals. It provides a program that creates opportunities for learning about the world, exchanging cultural diversity, taking initiative, building friendships and celebrating this transition in life.

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