Turkish businessman Oğuz Alper Öktem, who introduced Turkey to micro-mobility with its electric scooters company Martı in 2018, is the winner of the 2021 ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award at GQ Turkey Men of the Year Awards.

The prestigious awards ceremony GQ Turkey Men of the Year Awards, affectionately known as “MOTY”, is recognizing pioneers within the country who continue to push the boundaries and shape the cultural landscape.

The young entrepreneur, who started his career at the Deutsche Bank London office, has founded his signature technology start-up company Martı to provide a practical solution to the chaotic city traffic in Istanbul while protecting at the same time the environment with its low carbon emission.

The company, which has brought a brand new perspective to the transportation sector and is leading the rapidly growing micro-mobility trend in Turkey, managed to spread its business in 21 provinces in Tukey in less than three years and, as its website intro says, continues to be a pioneer in the sector with its locally developed software, expert employees and millions of customers.

Announcing the expansion of its service network in many more cities in the near future, Oğuz Alper Öktem also says it has plans to expand Martı’s product range with different vehicles besides scooters to provide relief from traffic stress

Speaking that the ‘Environmentally Friendly Cities’ panel recently, Martı’s founder Alper Öktem shared his plans for the future of urban transportation and touched on important points such as the inevitability of using alternative transportation methods to deal with the issue of the carbon emission created by vehicle traffic – a problem discussed all over the world – and to provide the much-needed solution to avoid walking when traveling both short and long distances.