NMB Bank has been consistently providing funds for large and small scale hydro projects and has launched NMB Bank Solar Karja, financing for the installation of solar power equipment in residences and offices.

The ethics driven financial institution is among a limited number of banks enlisted by Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) to support the needs of customers and organizations under its Urban Solar Program.

Besides the regular financial services, the bank focuses on tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ requirements, from individual savings to business financing.

One of the bank’s main objectives is to provide funds that would create change in the lives of people in the deprived sector.

The micro finance unit has entered into agreements with several Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), national and international NGOs, for ‘access to finance programs’ in rural and semi-urban regions of the country. Remittance services assist in managing the influx of funds generated by foreign employment, which is a major contributor to the economy.

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