Wallenstam has issued green bonds under its MTN program and recently launched green framework. The issue consists of SEK 500 million with a maturity of two years and with a variable interest rate of 3M STIBOR + 75 basis points. The bonds are unsecured.

The green framework, among other things, describes what types of projects and assets that can be financed using green bonds. The framework was reviewed by the independent research institute Cicero (Center for International Climate Research) and obtained the highest rating, Dark Green.

The bond proceeds from this issue will be used for refinancing of Wallenstam’s 66 wind turbines.

“There has been a very strong interest for our green bond, which naturally feels very good. We see sustainability as an important focus area, and I am proud that we have been self-sufficient in renewable energy since 2013. I regard more green financing as something natural and positive for Wallenstam,” says Hans Wallenstam, CEO.

The bonds will be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Sustainable Bonds List. Svenska Handelsbanken has acted as issuing agent.

The participating investors include Catella Fondförvaltning, Cliens Kapitalförvaltning, Danske Capital, Handelsbanken Fonder, Lannebo Fonder, Simplicity, Storebrand/SPP, Swedbank Robur and Öhman Fonder.

Source Cision