Finding the perfect means of transportation in a megacity such as Istanbul can sometimes be a bit of a burden. Sometimes, transport can mean an overcrowded bus, stuck-in traffic situations, or delayed arrival at your desired destination. Nevertheless, if you are eager to go “alternative” in terms of transport, let us introduce you to some of the companies that will surely help you get from one place to another in a slightly more reasonable manner. Let’s start!


Martı is a start-up company from Turkey that offers its customers alternative transportation in the form of e-scooters. The e-scooters called Seagulls can be rented out at a price of 7.89 TL for a ten-minute ride. This is equivalent to the price of one cup of coffee, and with this, you can save some valuable time and get to your desired destination.

Martı also promises a safe trip, considering the fact that statistically, these means of transportation are much safer than the rest. Additionally, the speed is limited to 18 km/h, which is the most optimal velocity.

In order to rent an e-scooter, you have to download their application on your smartphone. Once opened the application shows a map where the available e-scooters are marked. The e-scooters have a safety lock on to prevent theft, and in order to use them, you have to scan the QR code. After scanning the vehicle unlocks and you can freely use it for the preferred amount of time. When done using it, the user needs to scan the QR code and secure the lock.


Yoyo offers its members the opportunity to rent a car on an hourly basis, weekly or monthly. Transactions such as membership and reservation are made through the application or their website.

In order to become a member, it is necessary to have a driver’s license for at least 1 year and a credit card with a Turkish ID number on it and to reside in Turkey. The membership fee is 69 TL per year. This includes YOYOKart, which automatically opens and closes the doors of rented vehicles. You can rent a car for three hours after you become a member.

There are different transportation options with hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly membership systems for Istanbul residents with or without a driver’s license.

Vehicles are disinfected against viruses and bacteria. All the closed-type vehicles are ventilated for an hour after each use. For this reason, it is necessary to pick up and drop off vehicles at certain points. But there is also a paid valet service. The vehicle can be brought to the desired location and delivered from the desired location.

The deposit amount of the vehicles varies between 850-3,000 TL. At the end of the reservation, the rental fee (determined according to the vehicle model, rental day, and duration), distance fee (including fuel per km), highway tolls, etc. fees are deducted from the deposit, while the remaining amount is returned to the credit card.


You can become a free member of ZipCar by entering your driver’s license and personal information and signing a digital contract. There are Basic, Premium, Student, or Corporate membership packages. Basic, Student packages have no membership fee, the Premium package has an annual membership fee of 75 TL and Corporate has an annual membership fee of 150 TL.

To become a member, you must be at least 21 years old, have a 1-year driver’s license, and have a credit card in your own name. It is enough for students to be at least 20 years old and send their student certificates via the mobile application. During the first lease, the credit risk rating is questioned. If it is positive, the rental process begins. This assessment can take from 3 minutes up to 24 hours.

Two different services are offered, ZipTrip and ZipFlex. Vehicles belonging to ZipTrip are used hourly and daily by making reservations. At the end of the reservation, the vehicle must be left at the pick-up location. Vehicles belonging to ZipFlex are picked up from the nearest place within the service area; It is used by the minute, by the hour, and daily and then dropped off at the desired location within the service area.

Pets are allowed but if they are in a special container or a bag.


Moov offers the opportunity to rent even 15 minutes in the city with its ‘use-and-drop’ system. The member finds the closest vehicle to him through the application, makes the payment, and picks it up. Then he leaves it wherever he wants.

To become a member, a minimum age of 19, a driver’s license for at least 1 year, and a credit card are required. Membership is free.

The usage fee varies according to the quality of the cars and the duration. For example, the manual transmission Renault Clio’s 15-minute use is 16 TL, and the daily usage fee is 512 TL (with this price, 160 km can be driven). At the end of the rental, other payments such as highway fees are also deducted. As a provision fee, a 4-hour usage fee is reserved from the credit card, and this fee is released at the end of the rental.

Pets can travel with their bags.


First, the İSBİKE Mobile application is downloaded to the phone, and membership is made with a Turkish ID and mobile phone number. An annual subscription (standard or advantageous) or a credit card transaction (without a subscription) is selected from the ‘Load Balance’ option. The standard subscription is 25 TL per year, the advantageous subscription fee is 80 TL per year. The bicycle rental fee is 4.5 TL for up to an hour. The first 30 minutes are free with an advantageous subscription. For non-subscribers, the provision fee per bike is 50 TL, and the hourly usage fee is 5 TL.

The number of bikes is selected from the application and a one-time password is obtained, so the bike can be used with this password. Bikes are picked up from the station and dropped off at the station as well. It is possible to see the station points and the number of bikes that are available there, through the application.