Carrefour Brazil has introduced blockchain technology to track a new range of citrus fruits under the Sabor & Qualidade label in São Paulo.

The QR Code on the packaging will give customers access to accurate, unchangeable, and transparent information about the production and transportation of the fruits. It includes information about the origin of the product, harvest, collection date, processing in the packing house, and arrival on the shelves.

Customers will now be able to track Pera, Bahia, lime, and tangerine oranges sold under the Sabor & Qualidade label.

The introduction of blockchain technology is part of Carrefour Brazil’s wider strategy to educate consumers on healthier, more sustainable diets and aligns with the company’s global Act For Food movement.

The company’s first product line to feature this technology was Sabor & Qualidade pork in April 2019. It provides access to information on breeding and veterinary control, animal feed, transport to the slaughterhouse and butchery, slaughter, and quality control for pork products.

The technology, developed in partnership with IBM, is part of the FoodTrust platform and offers better results than traditional traceability processes.

By the end of 2021, the use of the blockchain will be extended to other chains of the Sabor & Qualidade seal, which offers products from 22 Brazilian suppliers, the retailer added.

Source ESM