Keeping up with the latest updates by digital platforms and through adopting digitization, Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has become the first Kuwaiti bank to activate Instagram`s Guide feature.

This comes as part of KFH efforts to reinforce communication and constructive interaction with customers by facilitating access to its content on its social media channels, and to learn more about the bank’s services and products, awareness campaigns and various offers.

The new feature effectively and quickly provides customers with all information about KFH`s services and events, such as e-banking solutions, awareness campaign “Diraya”, community events, activities and contests of interest to the public, customers and followers.

The Guide feature has a consistent content categorized into different windows, each one containing all the materials that fall under it without overlapping, which facilitates search and access process in an easy and flexible way.

KFH focuses on enhancing the role of advanced digital tools in analyzing customers’ thoughts and measuring their interaction in order to be in line with their demands. It is keen to be active in various electronic and social media channels, as part of a strategy to always be the closest to customers and the public, and to learn more about their interests and interact with them, as well as getting involved in different social events.

KFH’s social media accounts have over one million followers which confirms the efficiency of its social media strategy. The bank also aims to target the youth segment in the first place, as they constitute the highest follow-up rate, reaching about 70% of the total followers.

As KFH’s social media accounts witness a positive interaction from followers, the bank seeks to provide more innovative and creative content.

KFH is keen to invest in social media channels in distinctive ways that make it closer to its customers and the public, paving the way for customers to express their opinions and suggestions regarding the products, services, campaigns, offers and discounts offered by the bank.


Source KFH