Wacerben, a Brazilian consultant who specializes in solutions to low-carbon economies, announced an alliance with the United Kingdom to host the first scientific group for research and innovation at the Green Fund in Brazil.

The project seeks to develop scientific discoveries and provide new methods for analyzing ESG assets (environmental, social and corporate governance).

The group was formed by the coordinator of the Fixed Fund Research Program at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Anneliese Ventramini, By Professor and Scientist of Climate Change Carlos Nobre, By an expert in gender and community development Marisa Caesar, By a standard financial expert Vivian Tornelli, By OSSIAM ESG Team Leader, Clarice Simonek, And CEO of Wagerban, Felipe Pittencourt.

The United Kingdom has invested in this initiative through the Green Fund Program of the UK-Brazil Prosperity Project, a global fund that allocates approximately $ 110 million to Brazilian projects by 2023, focusing on activities, reforms and pilots in the green areas, finance, trade, energy, health, education , Digital access and cities of the future.

According to Vecarbon, Brazil plays a key role in issuing bonds targeting natural resources. Green bonds are worth more than $ 10 billion and Brazilian issues in international markets are worth $ 5 billion.

Ventramini explains that there are more than 2.5 million active financial indices today, and that much of their growth is linked to ESG issues.

Therefore, Pittencourt believes that as the theme of the Green Bonds progresses, it is necessary to create a platform for organizing activities and drawing the world’s attention to what Brazil is doing.


Source Mediarun Search