The electric scooter (e-scooter) regulation prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure together with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was published in the Official Gazette yesterday.

Praising scooters in the regulation, the ministries noted that these vehicles increase mobility while reducing exhaust emissions and carbon emissions.

With the regulation, for the first time, some rules were determined for these vehicles, whose popularity has been increasing in big cities in recent years.

Oğuz Alper Öktem, the founder and CEO of Martı, one of the largest companies in this field, said that he welcomed the regulation in a written statement.

With the new regulation, it was decided that electric scooters that can be used on the roads can travel at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The age limit for use has also been set at 15.

The new regulation also prevents scooters to be used on sidewalks, or wherever there is a bicycle lane. The electric vehicle cannot be used on roads where with a maximum speed limit of 50 kilometers or more.

E-scooter users were also required to constantly control the vehicle with both hands, except when signaling for maneuver.

Violation of private property, disruption of public order, and parking of scooters in a way that obstructs the movement of pedestrians or the disabled is also prohibited. In such situations, owners will have to remove e-scooters parked this way within two hours.

With the new regulation, more than one person will not be allowed to ride on the scooters, and loads cannot be carried on the scooters except for the items carried on the back in a backpack.